Hi My name is Tho and I am a designer/web developer with a background in graphic design branching out to learn more about UX/UI and research. My current skills allow me to map out the full web experience from ideation to implementation. I focused previously on graphic design building the assets and web development coding out the web pages with HTML, CSS, and Javascript but now want to go into UX/UI design.
Recently, I found myself interested more in why I designed web apps. UX/UI design appealed to me because I wanted to learn how design solves problems. Making things pretty through imagery, typography, size, spacing, and color came easy to me. Web development focused less on creating your own interface but coding out a design provided to me. I found researching and thinking about how to solve problems using design more interesting and challenging. I saw it as a way to learn more about who I am designing for and making something that works for the user. It also gave my reason for designing more purpose rather than designing pretty sites without substance, which is very motivating.
In the end, learning UX/UI for me is just another form of design. As long as I can design and challenge myself, I will continue to enjoy the path I am taking my career. It brings me joy whenever I see my users use my products and make encouraging remarks.